Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.

| Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:2
About Us

Dr. Randy Marshall is the President of Training Centers for Church Planters

Michael Talley is the East Africa Director of Training Centers for Church Planters (TCCP).

Dr. Jerry Wofford is Founder of Training Centers for Church Planters (TCCP).
Jerry Wofford has published a book on Christian leadership that can be found by clicking on its title --Transforming Christian Leadership: 10 Exemplary Church Leaders. 
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Actions of the TCCP Ministry

Partner—TCCP staff forms a partnership with a national Christian leader who promotes the training center ministry in his country.

Connect—The national Christian leader contacts local evangelical pastors of a city to invite them to attend an equipping workshop.

Equip—TCCP staff conducts a workshop to equip local pastors to establish training centers, to teach student church planters, and to mentor these students.

Train and Mentor—Local pastors train and mentor student church planters using the Omega Course. The church planters carry out Omega Course assignments and apply the lessons they are studying by doing evangelism in their target community, discipling new believers, gathering believers into cell groups, and start new churches.

Movement—In concert with numerous other Christian ministries, the local training centers join God’s global saturation church planting movement.

During the course of their one year study, the students identity the location for a new church, do evangelism in that area, disciple new believers, start cell groups, and plant churches. For more performance information, click on the link, "Read More About TCCP Performance."

Read More about TCCP Performance

TCCP seeks to serve the church as it reaches out to obey the Great Commission to Go, MAKE DISCIPLES, baptize, and teach.

TCCP is not affiliated with a particular denomination but seeks to strengthen and prepare the entire body of Christ. It is for this reason that we do not promote any denominational doctrine apart from our declaration of faith and the Biblical principles essential to church planting.

A principle that defines the identity of TCCP is our commitment to the mentoring of our students to help them to put into practice our training and then to give them the necessary monitoring after the end of the course so that the new churches remain strong and reproduce.

TCCP uses the Omega Course as its initial and primary curriculum.

TCCP seeks to be used of God in His worldwide church planting movement.

To graduate a student must have started a new church or cell groups that are intended to form one or more churches.

Mukisa Jacob was a student church planter in Nankoma, Uganda. When Mukisa did spiritual mapping of the area where he was targeting for starting a new church, he was taken aback to find that there were no Christian churches. There were a few mosques, but most of the people were demon worshipers with many shrines scattered about. Like his classmates, Mukisa began to do door-to-door evangelism in his target area. As people responded to the gospel message and received Christ, Mukisa started to disciple them individually. After a few became new believers, he gathered them into a small group for Bible study, worship and prayer. Before long he had trained someone to take over this cell group while he started another cell. He repeated this process several times with people of various tribes. All these cell groups did evangelism and continued to multiply until people began to urge him to bring them together as a church. The National Coordinator of TCCP of Uganda, Richard Okowi, wrote, “Mukisa Jacob managed to plant a very huge church through the discipleship method. . . The different ethnic groups managed to come together, which could not have been easy to put together in the usual church.” Richard noted that despite their tribal differences “the people are committed to each other."